Chime Candles | Gold, Silver, Red, Rose Gold

Chime Candles | Gold, Silver, Red, Rose Gold

Our Alchemy Set consists of 20 candles in 4 metallic foil colors. The shine represents the spirit or ether element, the essential, original yin/yang, or light in its purest form. 

Each candle can be burned to support work with a higher force, aligning with a greater plan, or for inviting in more fundamental cosmic forces. They add power and intensify any ritual ceremony or spell work and support any process of transformation or alchemy. They are usually meant to be charged with your intention, and burnt down completely.  

Use them as an addition to usual spell candles, according to what is most appropriate. The colors have specific correspondences:

Gold candles are used in rituals for the intent to gain success, good fortune, protection, and prosperity. Gold represents the active force, the divine masculine, the Sun, and the essential power to act according to one's will; to do, to be, to create.
Silver candles are often used to represent the receptive, the Goddess energy and the Moon. They are used in spells & rituals involving psychic development, dreamwork & meditation. They grant endurance, flexibility, healing, and an effortless ability to attract and draw in what you need.
Red is associated with Mars; willpower, passion, survival, courage, assertiveness, energy, command, vital strength and the ability to strategize.
Pale rose is best for purification of a space, for supporting partnerships or love, or for bringing in harmony, material wellbeing, balance, social connection and new beginnings.
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