Magical Correspondences of the Days of the Week

Magical Correspondences of the Days of the Week

Each day of the week has a correspondence to certain elements, deities, themes, chakras, and planets. Our Witch's Heptagram tile shows some of these correspondence, here are their correspondences to crystals, colors, and foods. You can either feed or limit these things in your everyday, to further activate their energies. For example, if you need stronger willpower, wear red. If your Mars (discipline) is weak, fast on Tuesdays. To feel calmer, nourish the moon by wearing opal. To feel more purposeful in life, watch the sunrise.



The Moon. White. Blue aquamarine. Larimar, opal, moonstone, pearls. White foods like potatoes, starch, yogurt.



Mars. Red. Ginger, garlic, onions, chilis, red pepper.  Ruby, red coral, garnet



Mercury (day of knowledge). Green. Emerald, malachite. Cerebral and intellectual activities. Green Foods (salad, bitters).



Jupiter. Yellow. Yellow sapphire. Sweet or yellow foods (lemons, bananas, pineapples).



Venus. Pink. Amethyst, rose quartz, pink tourmaline. Floral scents and colors. Cherries, sweet apples, sugary foods and sweets. 



Saturn. Black or brown. Black currants, raisins, black seeds/cumin/nigella sativa.



Sun. Orange/yellow. Oranges, carnelians. Fire.

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