Witch's Septagram | The Alchemical Heptagram and Faery Star

Witch's Septagram | The Alchemical Heptagram and Faery Star

A heptagram, or septagram, is a seven-pointed star drawn with seven straight strokes. It has been used in various mystery school and occult teachings, and religions of the world to represent the sacred nature of the manifest universe.


Hermeticism, Religions, Gnostic Teachings

The septagram is largely based on ancient Hermetic teachings and ancient astrology. Some modern occultists use it to work with the celestial bodies. It is also known as the Faery or Elven Star in Pagan teachings.

In Abrahamic religions, it speaks of the seven days of creation and the seven principle archangels (each representing a specific state of consciousness: the principle of Love, Wisdom, Power, etc.). The immutable order of the heavens is one infinite whole comprising of seven separate dimensions existing within.

Seven is a magical number; there are seven days of the week, seven colours within a pure ray of white light, seven chords or notes in a musical scale, seven hermetic laws, seven chakras, seven days of the week, and seven planets or 'deathless stars'. Each peak is associated with specific gods, goddesses, or creative forces. Each has correspondence to a specific color, musical note, day of the week, state of consciousness, etc.


Faery Star

It is also used by various Faeries traditions to represent the seven principle energies and beings of power. The Sun, Forest, Sea, Magic (will), Moon, and Wind, and Spirit (ether, universal connection) are their material expressions. Each of these Seven Realms of the Otherkin corrrespond loosely to the seven aspects of the soul, or higher self. 

  1. Will, Survival
  2. Interpersonal Connections, Love, Growth
  3. Personal Power, Worldly Knowledge and Intelligence
  4. Harmony, Tranquility, Unconditional Love
  5. Wisdom, Understanding, Powers of Mind, Power to Manifest
  6. Devotion, Clarity, Connection to the Infinite
  7. Magic


Enochian Angel Magic & Alchemy

Seven features prominently in alchemy (astrologically), as well as the system of Enochian angel magic, in which it's used to invoke the true name of God, and is perhaps best used to ward off any negative influence, by invoking the true name of God and all creation. The Sigillum Dei Aemeth, used by John Dee is a known example. This sigil was placed on wax tablets under the four corners of a working area as protection from the unwanted.

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