The Magical Practice of Adopting the Arcana

The Magical Practice of Adopting the Arcana

Magical adoption, similar to evocation, was thought to ultimately be the most advanced magical use of the tarot. This can only be done properly after contemplation and serious study of the archetypes individually and in certain sequences. There are insights gleaned from each arcana contemplated in relationship to others arcana, especially as in the columns and pairs. To learn about the arcana is the most demanding part and crucial for magical practice with them.

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Over time, the student gains a better sense of the resonance of each archetype, and its essential qualities. If this is done, one can then try the magical working of accessing and adopting each archetype intentionally.

The adoption of an archetype's persona, to learn to become each archetype, is magically powerful. It is a creative process unique to each person. It was originally taught and meant to be employed only by the advanced students (or 'adepts') before much of this was occulted.

The challenge of embodying the archetype is to call upon it appropriately. Magical workings are fraught with danger if used in superficial, sloppy ways. It is recommended that the tarot be studied and seriously contemplated for years before magical practice is attempted.

To embody the archetypes involves visualization and meditation. We control and manifest their expression in us, and inevitably reject or limit the qualities not represented that image. It can leave us disoriented and invite problems if we choose the wrong archetype to call on, if intentions are misguided, or if there is not enough discernment on the how and when of what is appropriate. Much care needs to be taken to pick the right archetype. Only pick one archetype at a time. 

If done wisely, we contemplate and intentionally access the subconscious mind to access that archetype, to consciously bring that force to manifest within. To learn to embody the persona, to resonate with that particular archetype can help us live more balanced lives, to do magic: to manifest, to build, and to heal.

Archetypes are universal forces of the deep mind, and should be used with great discernment and care. The uncontrolled, self-serving use of these principles was said to leave one bound- enslaved and weakened.  

Wood tarot cards aid this practice. All wood has connotations to Jupiter - wealth, wisdom, luck, and vision - making it magically significant. Our card stand is also helpful; made of mahogany, it is resonant to the Moon- the receptive, subconscious mind and one's inner emotional nature.
Use these basswood cards, or our card stand as your base of mahogany, to ground and facilitate this process of calling upon the archetype you need. 

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