The Moon, Mahogany, and the Subconscious Mind

The Moon, Mahogany, and the Subconscious Mind

Mahogany, used in our wood card stands, is known as one of the more naturally 'charged' types of wood. The mahogany wood and bark have remarkable medicinal properties, and like all wood, it also has connotations to Jupiter - wealth, wisdom, luck, and being visionary - making it magically significant. 

In esoteric traditions and astrology, mahogany is strongly associated with the Moon and to our inner self and our emotional nature. It represents emotional and material security, the mind, embodiment, groundedness, and the ability to accept, embrace, and adapt. 

Because the Moon, which rules the mahogany tree, represents the subconscious mind, it is what we resonate to most closely. and helps us embody a truer, higher version of the source of all nature.

This makes mahogany ideal for magical workings where receptivity of the mind is desirable. In particular, this includes any working involving invocation and adoption of archetypes as represented in the tarot (a practice which should be undertaken with great care).

In the study of the tarot, the adoption of an archetype is done by those who have deeply studied and understood the significations of each card over many years. Use the carefully chosen card in your working with this card stand, as your base of mahogany, to ground and facilitate this process of calling upon and adopting the archetype you need.

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